Minggu, 25 Mei 2014

we produce many unique Handicrafts from indonesia

we produce many unique Handicrafts from indonesia, we made many kinds of bags, box, bags, hats , sandals, furniture goods , shirts and others, with base materials from mendong, pandanus,panama,wooden, leathers, suede and cottons. Many variety of types, sizes and shapes can be done in accordance with the order buyers. within one month kapacity producton that we can produce more than 5000pcs, we are open for order now... so..please choose my products, and send it back to this email which of my product that you interested, and i will explain the detail to you, please open my facebook foto album. for shipment : I'll send it via internasional courier, for payment : i use via western union with cash payment. Go grab it .... BUYER PLEASE SPECIFY THEIR SPECIFICATIONS : * Size / Size: ... cm * Types of materials / base straps: jeans or jute or anythngs ? * Sample Design: (If it already exists) * Finishing: embroidery or screen printing * Booking Plans: ......... unit * Etc: ... ; For detail nformaton : * Please Invite pin bb: 28a358cc, whatsap / sms: +6282216172527, * Email: madaniraya@gmail.com., * https://www.facebook.com/bsaphire.basaphire